Supporting Ukraine Together

The situation in Ukraine is dire and urgent, which is why we must commit to helping Ukrainian non-profits and charities conduct relief efforts. One of the most effective ways to help Ukraine and its citizens is donating to Ukrainian relief and humanitarian efforts. Right now, the people of Ukraine are facing an unprecedented attack on their country, freedoms, and families.

We’re standing with our Ukrainian colleagues and families in Mariupol, Summy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv who’re currently staying in shelters under artillery fire, witnessing this senseless loss of life and damage done to their beloved country. If you’d like to show your support but aren’t sure how to, we want to help make it easier for you to act.

We have compiled a list of trusted and verified Ukrainian non-profits who need funds to help children, families, and local citizens mitigate the violent attacks Russia has unleashed. 100% of your donation will go to local Ukrainian non-profits and relief efforts. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends, family, and social networks after donating.

For any amount donated to the organizations below or any other humanitarian aid fund in support of Ukrainian people, we are ready to reduce the bill for your climbing expedition or safari by up to 200 USD as a discount in exchange for your donation. Just email us a proof of donation.



Razom’s Emergency Response project was created to provide urgent help and support in face of an extreme and unforeseen situation in Ukraine. Today, the sovereign nation of Ukraine has to deal with the most horrendous and catastrophic emergency – a brutal invasion. Razom is responding to this by providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians. Visit website

National Bank of Ukraine - support Ukrainian army directly

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly. The central bank’s decision comes after the Ukrainian government imposed martial law throughout Ukraine in response to armed aggression by Russia and the renewed threat to Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity. Visit website
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«Come Back Alive» is Ukraine’s largest army support foundation. We are supplying thermal imagers and night vision devices, mobile surveillance systems, UAVs, mine clearance kits, and other high-precision equipment to military personnel deployed to the Joint Forces Operation in Donbas. PLEASE NOTICE: their donation payment form currency is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), 10USD ~ 300UAH Visit website


UNICEF’s emergency response teams and partners are ramping up efforts to deliver safe water to families in communities where water systems are barely functioning. They are providing health care, nutrition and education support where services are severely lacking or have shut down entirely. And they are focusing on protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse in the face of increased threats of gender-based violence and the risk of harm from mines and other explosive remnants of war. Visit website


Donate now to help us provide vital aid to people during this difficult time!

People in Ukraine need help now.
All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.
By choosing a monthly payment, your regular support will allow us to help more people in need.Visit website